Calaveras Reading at Studio One

Join us on Thursday Jan 21st at Studio One Arts Center in Oakland for the Calaveras release reading. Starts at 7:30 pm.

Studio One is at 365 45th St, Oakland, CA.  Check out the Reading Series’ blog for more info.

Readings from Jenny Drai, Emily Kendal Frey, Barbara Claire Freeman & Zach Schomburg.

Copies of the journal for sale and drinks for donation!

Calaveras includes work from: Bronwyn Tate, Jenny Drai, Barbara Claire Freeman, Jane Miller, Julie Carr, Kate Thorpe, Richard Meier, Kate Schapira, Matthew Rohrer, Sam Pink, Sally Delehant, Claire Donato, Truong Tran, Lucas Rivera, Emily Kendal Frey, Zachary Schomburg, Craig Santos Perez, Michael Earl Craig, Gillian Hamel, Brandon Shimoda, Kevin Killian, Brandon Brown, Paul Ebenkamp, Mike Young, Logan Ryan Smith, Jeff Johnson, Johannes Göransson, Sharon Zetter & Noah Seila.


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